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Our compositions released in Blogswara V6

Very happy to announce to release of Blogswara V6 today! This version features my brother's (Raghuram Tangirala) two compositions. While I provided the orchestration for both of the songs, Vamsikrishna V Prakhya provided excellent lyrics for "Ee madhura ragam" and Ashwin Krishnakumar gave much needed life to "Ee madhura ragam" with his flute. The lyrics for the tamil song (Malaiyin Mugadugal) were provided by my brother's friend Udhaya. Special thanks to Narayanan Raju for helping me with flute recording. Please enjoy the album and spread it out! 



List of Janya ragas

Amazing list of Janya ragas (based on Melakartha ragas). This serves as a good reference for those who are learning Carnatic music.



Nandhalala - Ilaiyaraja's magic again!

Hey Folks,

Hope you guys are all having fun with music. How music makes one so young at heart!!! You should check out the songs of Nandhalala - a new movie whose music is composed by Maestro Ilaiyaraja.

Few words about some songs:
Mella Oorndhu Oorndhu:
Signature song by IR in A major scale going on a Waltz rhythm. One should appreciate the novelty in the chords used by IR in this song. The arpeggio pattern on the background throughout the song is a treat for the listeners. The ending on the second interlude is something specific to IR compositions. One will end up humming this song throughout the day.

They say, it's another Kanne Kalaimaane for the fans. A sweet lullaby (is it really a lullaby in the movie? I am not sure) sung by Dr. KJ Yesudas. Such an apt voice for this number, made in E major. You know what, when I listened to this song the first time, it made me feel that this is like an AR Rahman's slow number. You will experience this when you listen to the charanam starting where the flute goes on the background - a typical usage by AR.

Thaalaattu Ketka Naanum:
I wish I knew what this song means. I can feel the emotion conveyed by this song and no one other than IR could have sung this number so well. I think IR's husky voice helped the feel. I simply love this song for its chords and the emotional appeal. I am sure it would be mind-blowing watching it in the movie.

Kai Veesi:
Now, I call this song so youthful. Who says IR is getting older? :) This number is a rhythmically and melodically challenging song (especially for the singer). Vijay Yesudas and Swetha did really well! I love the charanam tune for its melody. How well IR has composed this number with such seamless connectivity. By the way, the interludes aren't too different in this song.

Hope you have a chance to listen to this album!



Back in action!!

Yeah! Yeah! I know... I started the blog with a blast and escaped in the smoke ;)

These few months of inactivity in the blog was the result of a number of shows I participated in, here in the Bay Area. I thought it's time to put a temp stop to these and starting blogging!

సరే, మళ్ళీ కలుద్దాం!


Vandemataram from Kaalapani

Maestro Ilaiyaraja's rendition of Vandemataram from the movie 'Kaalapani'. I played this on Sitar using Pro Tools XPand! tool

You can find the original tune at this link.
Kaalapaani - Vandemataram

Look for the last song "Vandemataram" in the above link


"Welcome!", says Bassix

Dear Friends,

Welcome to my blog!

The name "Offbeat" doesn't seem to be offbeat. But "Bassix Offbeat" surely is. Having inspired by songs that carry offbeat rhythms, I chose to name my blog with the same name.

I hope to present songs from Telugu and Tamil Music, which I know, with my perspective of each song. I plan to present bits and pieces of the song (either from the original or played by me) and discuss the intricacies of the song as I see them.

By all means, I am not an expert and I truly welcome suggestions and comments to my posts.

Cheers and keep rocking,